The League of Composers/ISCM depends on generous and continuing donations from music fans, such as you. You are part of a community made up of music lovers around the world, and as the national chapter of the ISCM, the League represents our country internationally. 


Whether we are putting on performances, exhibitions, or reaching out to our youth, our goal is to bring the highest quality of professional performance to music that deserves to be heard. Your support is vital to this goal. Any donation is greatly appreciated. 

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We are currently working to be able to invite new members to our organization. Thank you for being patient while we upgrade our web presence. You will be able to join our organization on this website shortly.

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You can either make a contribution through this website, or by sending a check made out to:

League of Composers/ISCM
c/o Friedrich Heinrich Kern
24 Waverly Place RM 268
New York, NY 10003

We would especially like to thank the following individuals who contributed to the League’s 2016-2017 Season: 

Elaine Comparone
Kay Cynamon
Professor Herbert A. Deutsch
Fred & Sara Epstein
Emily Fine
David Halpert
Russell Horton
Barbara Lakota
Patricia Maxson
Allison Menkes
Alison Nowak
Marc Scott
Beverly Sirota
Lothar Sroka
Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Maury Yeston
Matthew Zeidenberg